What vehicle documents do I need to supply to Drover to get my vehicle rented out?

Thanks for listing your vehicle on Drover.  When you list a vehicle with us you will have supplied some basic information about the vehicle like its make, model, year and the kind of transmission it uses.

Below are some further points to help you get your vehicle rented out as soon as possible. 

The Required Vehicle Documents

There are 2 documents we need you to provide photos or scans of before we can rent your vehicle out:

  • Logbook (V5) — second page
  • Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Licence

If your vehicle is more than one year old, you should also provide

  • an MOT Certificate

If you have an existing insurance document you'd like to use please provide that too.

Guidance for Document Uploads

To avoid any delay in the process of getting your vehicle approved by th  e Drover team, it is vitally important that important that the photographs you supply meet the following rules.

The quality of your photos

Your document photos must:

  • In colour
  • Clear and in focus
  • Be in clear contrast to the background
  • Unaltered by computer software

Your photos must show

Your photos must:

  • Contain exactly one document each

In the photo, the document must:

  • Have all of its four corners of the page visible
  • Have all of its text readable
  • Be the correct way up (portrait orientation): text should be readable from left to right
  • Not be obscured by objects (e.g. coins, pens)
  • Not be creased or folded or be under a shadow

In addition, you must ensure:

  • That your PHV & Logbook show exactly the same name & address

In most cases, photos taken carefully in good lighting with a modern smartphone usually produces acceptable results. We would also recommend the use of a digital camera or a scanner to obtain a clear image of the document.

Photos do's and don'ts

Logbook (V5C)

Four corners not visible

Private Hire Vehicle Licence

 Shot at an angle, Not all four corners are visible
Too blurry, Background not clear

MOT Certificate

 Wrong orientation, Too blurry
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