What happens if my rental car breaks down?

If you break down, please follow these steps:

1. Call the owner. Their phone number is in your confirmation email.

2. If the owner concedes the breakdown is due to a mechanical fault for which they are responsible, discuss your recovery options with them.

3. If the owner suggests a recovery option of their own, accept it. If the owner does not have a recovery alternative, you may arrange recovery with the RAC on 03332023022 quoting Drover. The owner will bear the cost of this recovery.

4. If you believe you were at fault for the breakdown, discuss your recovery options with the owner bearing in mind you will bear the cost of recovery.

5. Please email Drover at partners@joindrover.com with a short description of the incident.

If you are unable to reach the owner after experiencing a breakdown, please call the RAC to arrange recovery bearing in mind you may be responsible for the cost if you were at fault.

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