How much deposit do you charge?

When making your first booking, you will be charged a deposit depending on the length of your booking:

Weekly Rolling £199
4 weeks £250
8 weeks £300
12 weeks £350

To make it easier on your wallet, you can choose to pay the deposit in separate weekly instalments of £50. You will continue to pay £50 deposit each week until we have collected the full required deposit.

The deposit is fully refundable and you can choose to have it returned to you 21 days after the last day of your last booking if you don't wish to make any bookings in the near future.

We may withhold all or part of your deposit if you owe us rental fees or if you have received public fines that cannot be appealed. We also require a higher deposit if you are under 25 or the vehicle is valued at more than £40,000. 

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