Can I extend my booking?

If your booking is on a weekly rolling basis, it automatically renews each week and no further action is necessary if you wish to hold on to the vehicle. If you wish to return the car at the end of your current rental week, please email us on at least 72 hours prior to the end of your current rental week.

If you booked a car for a fixed-term period (4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks) in order to take advantage of a price reduction, your booking will end on the scheduled date. If you wish to extend your booking and stay in the same car past the initially booked period, please

1. Log in to your Drover account

2. Go to "My bookings"

3. Click "Extend my booking"

4. Choose how long you would like to extend for and click "Confirm my extension."

If you prefer, you can also let us know via email to The sooner you extend your booking online or let us know, the more likely you can keep the same car.

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