How do I list my cars for hire?

Making money with your PCO car(s) has never been easier: it takes 2 minutes to sign up and list a vehicle.

  1. Please click “Sign up today” in the top right corner of our landing page.
  2. Select “I want to rent out my car.”
  3. Enter your details including the registration of your vehicle.
  4. Once signed up, complete your vehicle profile by uploading clear photos of (1) the PHV Licence, (2) p.2 of the Logbook/V5 and (3) the MOT (if applicable) of your car, enter all applicable details. Learn more about this at What vehicle documents do I need to supply to Drover to get my vehicle rented out?.
  5. Set your car’s price and availability.
  6. We will aim to approve your vehicle within 24 hours and it will then be available to be booked by vetted PCO drivers.

Please ensure each document photo you upload is clear and all corners are visible. Blurry photos and photos with document corners off the picture will be rejected by Uber.

You have questions and would like to speak to a human? Complete the form here and our partner management team will give you a call shortly.

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